Santana Summer School Information

Summer School runs from June 8 to July 10.
The main office will be open weekdays from 7:00AM-1:00PM.
The bell schedule can be found on the bell schedule page, or in the attachment below
Summer School teachers and subjects are listed below:
Teacher Room Subject
Rojero Room 43 U. S. History
Gonzalez Room 34 English 11/12
Dr. Elcherif Room 12 English 9/10
Canales Room 13 Health
Glomah Room 11 Programmed Lab
Longino Room 41 American Gov't/Econ.
Schlarmann Room 22 Biology
Lagos Room 23 Algebra I
Hudson Room 32 Independent Studies
Ynoquio Room 24 Geometry
Gable ACCEPT Programmed Lab
Henson Room 21 ROP-Criminal Justice
The information can also be found in the attachment below.