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Geometry Course Syllabus

S A N T A N A   H I G H   S C H O O L
Teacher:  Wilder Ynoquio
Voicemail: (626) 965-3496, xt. 1624
Classroom #:    24
Course Name:  Geometry A & B
Holt McDougal Mathematics
Explorations in Core Math Geometry
Course Description
The purpose of the Geometry Curriculum is to encourage student awareness of the importance of mathematics in the modern world. The course includes, among other things, properties of geometric figures, trigonometric relationships, and reasoning to justify conclusions. Students will work through explores and examples that presents a solution pathway to follow. Students will be asked questions along the way in order to gain and understand the solution process. Students will justify their conclusions through in-class and outside explorations-observations, graphing constructions, and verbal arguments. We will discuss the concepts in detail during class discussions. Classroom I pad annotation and PowerPoint presentations will be used to reinforce concepts. Many sample problems will be presented. I will lead the students step by-step through various thinking and problem solving strategies required to solve many kinds of problems. Students will be given ample opportunity to practice solving problems through in-class assignments as well as through homework assignments.
A variety of assessments method will be used in classroom to facilitate and to fit the student leaning needs.
Materials Required
-         3-ring binder 1 ½ inches wide
-         Pencils and erasers
-         color pencils or color markers
-         Hi-lighters
-         6 in./15cm or 12 in/30cm ruler (straight edge)
-         Safety Compass
-         Small protractor
-         Geometry Course Assignment (provided)
Course Evaluations
Each student will be evaluated on the basis of performance in each of the following areas (Percentages are approximate and may vary):
40% In-class Note taking, Practice and participation
20% Homework
20% Quizzes
20% Tests
Student will earn credits by completing the required in-class assignments, taking the corresponding quizzes and Chapter test as indicated in the Students Course Record (provided).
Help tutorial is available in classroom during Period 3 with prior appointment.
Students are required to use the textbooks during class and to take class notes every day.
When I write notes using I-pad, document camera or jus the white board, student should write it in their notebooks. Notebooks may be used for reference during quizzes and tests.
Academic Honesty
Cheating/plagiarism will not be tolerated for any reason. Students participating in academic dishonesty will receive a “0” for the assignment or assessment and will not be eligible for extra credits. Depending on the frequency/severity of the infraction, a referral/conference with the student, parent, teacher, counselor, and/or administration may occur.
Class Rules
3 P’s Rule: Prepared, Prompt, Polite 
1.       To receive respect, you must show respect. I will respect you, I expect you to respect others and me.
2.      Be polite to all people. Listen carefully. Do not interrupt the teacher or other students. Do not use bad language. Rudeness and disrespect will not be tolerated.
3.       Respect the property of others. Put litter in trashcan. Return borrowed items. All classroom books must be placed on the designated shelf before leaving the classroom. Do not write on desks, books, walls, etc.
4.      Bring all needed materials to class every day (pencil, paper, text, notebooks, and assignments).
5.      Use the restroom before coming to class. ONLY "Emergency" restroom passes may be given.
6.       Obey all school and district wide rules (e.g., dress codes; absentee and tardy policy; no food, drink, or gum in the classroom; and NO cell phones, iPods, or mp3 players during class time – they will be subject to confiscation
7.      Exercise self-control at all times. Crude and offensive language will not be tolerated. Keep hands and feet to yourself. No items (e.g. pencils, paper wads, eraser bits, etc.) are to be thrown or tossed inside the classroom. Tone and volume of voice will be controlled at all times.
Before Entering the Classroom:
-         Use the restroom
-         Make sure you have text, paper, pencil, notebooks, and completed assignments.
When You First Enter the Classroom:
-         Sharpen pencil before the tardy bell.
-         Be seated in your assigned seat.
-         Read the daily agenda from the board and be ready for teacher’s lecture and instructions.
-         Have assignment ready to turn in (with name, date, period, page number, problem numbers, and assignment number, at the top of page).
Late Work:
-         Late work is accepted for full credit after an excused absence and according to school/district policy.
-         Late work is NOT accepted for unexcused absences.
When the Bell Rings to End the Period:
-         Return all borrowed materials to the teacher (compass, protractors, etc.) and leave textbooks on the desk.
-         Take your personal belonging and pick any trash left on desks.
-         Do NOT stand by the exit doors waiting for the bell to ring.
-         Remain seated until the bell sounds.