Weekly Bulletin

Late Start Thursday 

- We will not be having a late start on Thursday, April 18.  School will begin at 8:00 a.m.


-    Seniors are to come to school at the regular time and need to make sure to bring materials to work on during testing.  Rewards are for everyone who comes to school on time shows effort and motivation to do well on the CST and in their classes.

  Your teachers will submit names and all will be raffled daily and for the GRAND PRIZE BBQ w/ Admin + Staff!!!




-     Grad Nite is Friday, May 31st (price is pending determination of transportation costs but should be about $90); tickets will go on sale when we return from Spring Break and will be offered to those who have already graduated first for 1 week, followed the second week by those with 220 or more credits, then descending from there until we sell all tickets (60).



-     Yearbooks will also go on sale (presale) on April 8th when we return from Spring Break.  The presale price will be $16 and the price will go up to $20 after yearbooks arrive on May 20.



-     Rowland HS prom is Saturday, April 27.

-     Nogales HS prom is Saturday, June 1.

o     Students should contact Rowland or Nogales for more information.  All prom arrangements are made directly through the high school.

o     PLEASE BE AWARE of the Nogales Prom Date and Grad Night Date. They are back to back days and will require planning on behalf of each student planning on attending either or both.





April 15 (starts) - Tomato plant sale


May 14 - 18     - 48th Agricultural District’s Schools’ Agriculture & Nutrition Fair -@ LA Fairgrounds

·     Booths are Lettuce Fantasy Garden and California Agriculture

·     Other entries will be our gardens, murals, seed art, and animal sawhorse.

Current        -     Growing tomatoes and peppers for sale and marigolds, zinnias, calendulas, etc. for the school garden

                      -    Winter vegetable garden is coming to an end and the summer garden will begin in about 3 weeks. The flowers on campus will start going in the middle of next week.




ACCEPT will be hosting GRANDPARENTS DAY  in May!

Cal Poly Pomona

Cal Poly Pomona and Santana will partner up to work on various projects again. They will work with Various Teachers on One to One Tutoring, Life Coaching once a week like last semester, and Art Quilt with Mrs. Lin’s Classes  


Cal Poly will also be starting with us again this month on various projects we LOOK FORWARD to working with them again (Students and staff!)


NIGHT SCHOOL Every Tuesday late afternoon, Night School is offered from 3:30-7:30 (the previous hours were from 4:30-8:30).  Students are required to attend for a minimum of two hours per week, but can stay for three hours. As of March 19, 2013, there are twenty-seven students in attendance.  Eight of the twenty-seven are regular Night School students and only attend once a week.  The other nineteen attend during the day at Santana for seven periods and then on Tuesday night for an eighth period class (Hybrid).  Overall, the students are working hard to accomplish their goals.