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Returning to NHS/RHS

If the student is thinking about returning to the traditional school, he or she should notify the counseling staff as soon as possible. This decision should be made early in the student's Santana career as the graduation plan developed may be different, depending upon whether a student chooses to remain at Santana or return to his/her home school. For example, prior to returning, all partial credits earned should be completed to full 5 credit increments. The student should be recommended by the Santana High School counseling staff prior to returning to the traditional high school. Recommendations are based on the following criteria: 1.The student should be within reach of graduating on time with his/her class:
Entering First SemesterEntering Second Semester
10th grade55 credits80 credits
11th grade110 credits135 credits
12th grade165 credits195 credits
2. The student must have at least a 90% attendance rate (no unexcused absences). 3. The student must follow all district policies, classroom rules, and teacher directions. 4. The student must show that he/she has made a commitment to graduating on time. After meeting these requirements, the student must complete an application available in the counseling office, have it signed by a parent, and return it to his or her counselor not less than one week before the beginning of the new semester.