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Community Service (CAR)

Community Activity Requirement (CAR)

  • All students are required to demonstrate involvement in the school/community for a total of 60 hours during the student’s high school career.  Students must complete 30 CAR hours by the end of 10th grade and an additional 30 CAR hours by the end of 12th grade to meet graduation requirements.

  • This requirement can be met through participation in “out of class” activities such as performances, athletic events, clubs, competitions, and unpaid community involvement.  Approved CAR activities will be described on a list.  Additional requests for CAR activities must be approved by the site principal and the Assistant Superintendent of Schools Division.

  • Students will complete required forms for initial approval of each CAR activity, sign-off by the activity supervisor, and recording the hours completed.

  • Accountability and record keeping of CAR hours is the responsibility of the site staff.

  • Student assistants may tutor or perform non-confidential clerical duties.  Student assistants may not perform duties related to student records and grades.  The maximum number of student assistant CAR hours that can be earned is 15 hours for one (1) year of service over the student’s 4 year high school career.