Graduation Requirements

  1. Number of Credits
    Two-hundred twenty-five (225) credits and completion of the required course of study.

  2. Course Requirements
    A. 40 credits of English. Students may be enrolled in a supplemental reading program.

    B. 30 Credits of History/Social Studies, comprised of 10 credits of World History (may be taken in 9th or 10th grade), 10 credits of U.S. History, 5 credits of American Government and 5 credits of Economics.

    C. 20 credits of Science (Earth Science and Biology Science may be started in 9th or 10th grade.)

    D. 5 Credits of Health. Students are encouraged to meet the health requirement during summer school.

    E. 10 credits of either Foreign Language or Fine Arts (10 credits in Foreign Language must be in the same language).

    F. 20 credits of Physical Education. A student must be enrolled in P.E. in 9th grade and one additional year in grades 10-12, or in an approved alternative course until this requirement is met.

    G. 20 credits of Mathematics (including 10 credits of Algebra I)

    H. Completion of 20 elective credits within a single career pathway.

    I. Meet the Technology proficiency requirement through challenge exams, designated courses, or by demonstration.

    J. All students will be required to demonstrate involvement in school/community activities for a total of sixty (60) hours during the student's high school career. Students must complete 30 Community Activity Requirements (CAR) hours by the end of 10th grade and an additional 30 CAR hours by the end of 12th grade to meet graduation requirements. This requirement can be met through participation in "out of class" activities such as performances, athletic events, clubs, competitions, and unpaid community involvement. Refer to the CAR booklet and consult with guidance staff prior to beginning the activity.