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Individualized Instruction

Recognizing that the students Santana receives range from on target for grade level to well below grade level, we sometimes find it necessary to supplement the normal course work with independent or individualized instruction. Generally, this instruction is added on to the work outlined in the course syllabus. By using this method, we account for individual differences and needs of the students. Individualized instruction usually falls into two basic categories: informal and formal. With the informal method the teacher tries to be aware that some students need more time to master a particular skill, knowledge, or understanding and some students need less. For the faster learners the teacher provides additional challenges to reduce frustration and accelerate through the material. Some students just need more practice or time to accomplish a particular task or skill. In addition, the teacher recognizes that a student who is having trouble learning something in a particular way may benefit from a different approach. The teacher uses these practices to further help the individual student find their way to completing the course.