Weekly Bulletin

Santana High School

Weekly Bulletin

Week of May 20, 2013


Science News: Students, check out the bulletin board commemorating Saturday’s trip to the Ocean with Mrs. Guzman’s and Mr. Schlarmann’s classes.  Saturday, May 11th the Science Club took a trip to Cabrillo Beach. While at the beach the students explored the tide pools, visited the aquarium, visited the pier and barbecued on the beach (thanks to Chefs Schlarmann, Mauna and Martinez). Students were able to travel over the Vincent St. Thomas Bridge, a first for many and a highlight of our trip. Students were able to connect the real life experiences of the tide pools and aquarium to material they are learning in science.  Students are continuing to learn from this experience by working on projects such as Power Points, I-movies, and poster presentations about their experiences. This experience is sure to be high on the list of the many positive memories that students will take away from Santana High School


Cal Poly News:  Our partnership with Cal Poly continues with life coaches Thursdays after lunch, content tutors during the morning sessions, and an art project with Mrs. Lin’s 3rd and 4th periods…



1. The ACCEPT field trip will take place May 22- they will be attending the La Habra Children's Museum.

2. Grandparents Day is May 29th for the ACCEPT program.


All Students: Please return books that you have checked out from Mrs. Blacker and Ms. Barrett.  All books need to be returned before June 1st.  Thank you.


Please be aware that you must meet the following criteria to be invited back for a 5th year:

1.       Be at 145 credits by the end of the school year* this is the last year at this number

2.       Have great attendance

3.       Have no discipline/behavior concerns

Anyone not meeting one or more of these requirements will need to stop by and see Ms. Alemán to discuss additional options that are available.           


We are going to be changing this policy in the future. It will become as follows: 

1)      Minimum 160 Credits to attend Santana*

2)      Have Great Attendance

3)      No Discipline Issues 


*any student between 145 and 160 will be able to make their case for a 5th year by appointment with our Admission committee   


Yearbooks have arrived and we still have approximately 30 left, but they are going fast.  If you want to get one, see Mr. Daniels soon or you will miss out.  The price is $20.


-          Grad Nite is Friday, May 31st.  Tickets are $85 and are on sale now.  We only have 60 tickets in total and they are selling fast, so don't wait - they will sell out!  Interested Seniors need to pick up a Grad Nite packet from Mr. Daniels. 


-          Yearbooks are also on sale.  This year's theme is "2013: A Walk to Remember."  The presale price is $16 and the price will go up to $20 after yearbooks arrive on May 20.  We will only have 60 yearbooks delivered, so see Mr. Daniels soon to reserve your copy.  


Nogales HS prom is Saturday, June 1.

o     Students should contact Rowland or Nogales for more information.  All prom arrangements are made directly through the high school.

o     PLEASE BE AWARE of the Nogales Prom Date and Grad Night Date. They are back to back days and will require planning on behalf of each student planning on attending either or both.