Biology and Earth Science Students Take a Field Study Trip to Eaton Canyon

Santana High School Biology and Earth Science students took a field study trip to Eaton Canyon to interact with nature in a way that many students no longer experience.  During the hike students worked on assigned projects and were asked to accumulate evidence through video and photo.  This project allows the teaching within the classroom to come alive by allowing students to experience real life geological features as well as ecology of the canyon first hand.  Biology students recorded observations and data, including identifying and classifying plants and animals within the region, while Earth Science students focused on the tectonic features of the San Gabriel Mountain Range and in particular the formation of the waterfalls at Eaton Canyon.  Students also took note of the effects of the three year drought on the ecology of the area.  This is an introductory experience that will be expanded to a student choice project that is to be presented in class. 

This field study project provided the opportunity for our students to get out and experience nature as a field study. It is our hope that our students gained an increased appreciation for this amazing world that we share.

See more photos from the trip in our photo gallery!