Mr. Longino - Social Studies Teacher

Welcome to Social Studies!


My name is Stanley Longino, and I am the Economics/Government-Social Studies teacher at Santana HS. This year makes for my 20th year in Rowland Unified School District. I am continually exploring ways to increase student engagement and achievement through a rigorous curriculum that focuses on reading, writing, listening, and speaking based strategies and technology integration.


Before coming to Santana, I taught in the Business department and Health at Rowland H.S. and Business and World History/U.S. History at Nogales respectively. In an effort to increase technology use and close the digital divide, the students in my classes will be involved in creating digital summaries, digital flashcards, digital projects, and oral presentations using Chromebooks as teleprompters. I continue to learn from my collaborative experiences and remain dedicated to improving my instructional practice.


2020-21 School Year  Government/Economics

Announcements and information for these classes can be found on the Santana website.


The code to log in to the Google classroom is: 


Government 7miuxlv


Please use the instructions below to sign into your account and then join the class.


Username: s[permanent ID]@stu.rowlandschools.org

Password: K[Caps of initial of first name]schlatter[All lowercase][Five digit lunch ID number]

For example student Kurt Schlatter with a student permanent ID number of 0123456789 and a birthday of March 26 1976 would have the following user account.

Google UserName: [email protected]

Google Password: Kschlatter21316