School Site Council Information » March 6, 2013

March 6, 2013

School Site Council

Santana High School

March. 6th, 2013

(Room 2 @7:15 am)



I.                   Call to order

II.                Review of minutes/ approval of minutes

III.             Program update reports

a.       Title 1

b.      English Learners

c.       GATE

d.      SPED

e.       SPSA review (Mr. Johnson)

IV.             Unfinished Business

a.       Air in room 1

V.                New Business Agenda Items

a.       Apple T.V for rooms with new cameras, update those without new cameras (5 cameras, 5 apple TVs)

VI.             Reports on Professional Development

VII.          Announcements

a.       Next meeting (Date)

                                                              i.      Request to change to Tuesday so that administrators may attend

b.      Other meetings

                                                              i.      ELAC

                                                            ii.      DLAC

                                                          iii.      Parent Involvement Academy

c.       Special events

                                                              i.      CAHSEE Boot Camp

d.      Mural

VIII.       Questions/ Comments