School Site Council Information » September 10, 2013

September 10, 2013


Santana High School

School Site Council Meeting




Meeting began at 7:15a.m.

v     Welcome – Introduce new staff members

v     Discussed Compliance and School Items

Ø     GATE & ELL

§     We must spend all state/federal money on our students and curriculum.

§     Instructional Aides will work with EL students specifically in classes to assist with learning

§     Mr. Johnson stated that monthly meetings with instructional assistants regarding their roles and service to EL students along with strategies, communicating with teachers, and student data that will help focus the work, make it more intentional

§     A list of EL students has been generated and given to each teacher 

·     Teachers know who their EL students are and should be using strategies to assist student learning

§     To date there are no students who need to take the Initial EL test

·     Mr. Johnson stated that the students we serve who are EL students have generally been tested already but the school still has to follow certain procedures to determine the students’ EL status when they arrive

Ø     Uniform Complaint Procedures

§     Mr. Johnson discussed the following:

§     Discussed Board Policy 1312.3 regarding Uniform Complaint Procedures

·     Explained the process for filing a complaint and the timeline that there is to be mediation (3 days to see if it can be resolved), investigation (10 days to provide evidence), response (within 60 days of complaint), Final Written Decision

§     Discussed Board Policy 1312.4 regarding Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures

·     Explained that Williams has several types

¨     Facilities, Instructional Materials, Teacher assignments

¨     The school has 10 days to fix any problem that fall under Facilities, Instructional Materials, and/or Teacher assignments or report it to the District if it cannot be fixed at the site

Ø     If the problem cannot be resolved at the site level, the District is notified and things like work orders are made

Ø     Testing Procedures

§     Mr. Johnson stated that we had no irregularities on Santana campus last year during testing for CAHSEE, CST, or Checkpoints

§     Mr. Johnson stated that testing procedures continue to evolve but the current system in place seems to work well through organization and communication

Ø     Electronics with testing

§     Mr. Johnson stated that students and teachers did a great job of following the District’s Electronic Devices Policy

Ø     Electronics in classrooms

§     We want students to use electronics for learning

·     District policy – No electronics except for educational purposes

·     Our class rules apply to our classes only. Students are to obey every teacher’s policy.

·     No electronics during instructional time (passing periods are part of instructional time)

·     Some teachers share e-mails (district and personal)

·     If teacher gives personal e-mail concerns about ulterior motives

·     Teachers are encouraged to give only district e-mails to kids

v     Staff Handbook

Ø     Sexual Harassment

§     Please report it

§     Do not say anything that can be inappropriate

§     If we consider a comment inappropriate we need to tell that person the comment made us feel uncomfortable

Ø     Harassment Packet from District Office

§     If we don’t feel comfortable about telling person, then go right away with Bernice Thompson/Union Representative and she will go tell the person to stop comments/harassment

§     ZERO tolerance for harassment

Ø     E-mail – no personal contact with students

v     Child Abuse Reporting – Call and they will give you the next steps about what to do

Ø     We are all mandated reporters

v     Drug, alcohol, tobacco policies

Ø     Steps We Need to Take

§     If you notice something, please report it

·     Administration then starts path of intervention, counseling, remediation

·     Electronic cigarettes – not allowed—please report it

v     Mr. Muñoz read the Board Policy of Non-discrimination in Employment

Ø     If staff member asks not to be touched, they won’t be discriminated against for advocating for themselves.

Ø     Double entendres count

Ø     Bernice strongly recommends we go and deal with staff issues with one another. If we don’t feel comfortable going alone, go with another staff member.

Ø     Discussion ensued

Ø     Mr. Muñoz offered to be unofficial non-reporting mediator if we would like a witness to a conversation.

Ø     Dr. Douglas Staine is our new HR Superintendent

v     SSC 

Ø     We’re looking to increase knowledge base and develop activities

Ø     Move for school to become totally site/teacher decision based

§     Mr. Muñoz will give us allocated money this year

v     Community relations

Ø     How we function at this site will be felt by students, staff and community

Ø     We want a safe school for all

Ø     If we want this to be our site, we need to reach out to community

Ø     Back to School Night – Gary suggested making the night an outreach night to community

v     Rooms need to be ready for day 1

Ø     District will pay for up to 2 days outside school prep days for teachers who come in to set up/unpack

Ø     Gary has English 1 books for teachers otherwise they will be stored

v     Mr. Johnson spoke of:

Ø     Classroom exits

§     Wants all students exit using “Classroom Exit Pattern” he created and dissemenated to all teachers

v     Disaster Drills

Ø     First week of school there will be a lockdown drill

Ø     Moving to have a drill once a month

Ø     October 17 at 10:17a.m. will be the California Shakeout (Evacuation Drill)

Ø     Points of evacuation will be at the back of the school

§     Evacuation map created and given to all teachers for posting

Ø     Well established practice that community uses our field for play and practice

v     Campus Duty Schedule

Ø     Be mobile with eyes always up

Ø     Schedule for first semester given to all teachers

§     Be on time for supervision spot

§     When do teachers take their own RR breaks? “Stagger RR breaks with other teachers on duty”

§     Ask anyone without a visitor pass to go to office

§     Pick up phone and hit forward and star dial 8599 to cancel all calls

v     (626) 965-3496 = Santana/La Seda phone number

v     Student handbook is updated

v     Dress Code

Ø     No hats on campus and no beanies on campus

v     Electronics

Ø     Use your professional ability but encourage no use during instructional time and passing periods

v     Classroom Observations and Visits

Ø     Administration will try to visit classes to be of support to teachers

v     Maintenance

Ø     The best have been done to make sure classes are in working order

Ø     Let us know if your room has problems

v     Testing

Ø     CAHSEE is October 1st and 2nd (56 12th graders)

Ø     What does intervention look like?

§     Look at DATA to target interventions and plan intentional lessons

v     Staff took a walk through of the campus and adjourned.


Santana High School

School Site Council Meeting

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

7:15 a.m.

Room 42


Agenda Items      Person Responsible


1.0 Opening/Roll Call      SSC Chairperson


2.0 Minutes       SSC Secretary


3.0 Open Forum       SSC Chairperson

Items must pertain to SSC. 2 minute time limit according to

SSC bylaws

4.0 Site Reports       Principal/Designee

"     ¥ Academic Performance Index (API)

"     ¥ Performance by Content Clusters

"     ¥ CELDT

"     ¥ CST

"     ¥ CAHSEE

"     ¥ SARC Demographics

"     ¥ Uniform Complaint Procedures

5.     5.0 Unfinished Business      Parent Rep.

"     ¥ Parent Involvement Academy Update  


6.0 New Business       Chairperson

"     ¥ Vote for Meeting Time Change

"     ¥ Vote for ELAC/DELAC Representatives

7.0 Reports       Principal

"     ¥ ELAC/DELAC

"     ¥ Parent Involvement

8.0 Announcements      SSC Chairperson

"     ¥ CAHSEE Parent Meeting Tentative Date Sept. 18

"     ¥ CAHSEE Boot Camp September 23-27

"     ¥ CAHSEE 12th Grade Oct. 1st and 2nd

"     ¥ Back to School Night/Community Night

      October 16 from 5-7pm

9.0 Adjournment       SSC Chairperson