School Site Council Information » January 14, 2014

January 14, 2014

Santana High School

School Site Council Meeting - Agenda

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

7:15 a.m.

Room 23

Agenda Items                        Person Responsible

1.0 Opening/Roll Call            SSC Chairperson

2.0 Minutes                           SSC Secretary

3.0 Open Forum                    SSC Chairperson

Items must pertain to SSC. 2 minute time limit according to 

SSC bylaws

4.0 New Business

  • ¥ camera for yearbook

5.0 Budget                          Principal

  • ¥ recommend the plan, expenditures and revisions to the Governing Board for approval
  • ¥ All consolidated programs must be operated with SSC and Governing Board approval

6.0 Unfinished Business

  ¥ Football at Lunch

  ¥ Lunch applications (list from Terry)

  ¥ Counselor

7.0 Reports                         Principal

  • ¥ Review and monitor progress
  • Comprehensive safety plan
  • SPSA 
  • CELDT data
  • AYP
  • EL's
  • SPED
  • Benchmarks

8.0 Announcements             SSC Chairperson

  • ¥ Next CAHSEE Jan. 28-29
  • ¥    Next Checkpoint Jan. 17

9.0 Adjounment

School Site Council Meeting

Santana High School

January 14, 2014


I. Meeting called to order at 7:19 a.m.

·     Quorum met

·     Minutes approved at 7:20 with Mrs. Blackler pointing out that Morning Break Club is Friday, January 17.



II. Open Forum

·     Mr. Johnson stated the CAHSEE pullout bootcamp will occur during the day to help a select group of students who were not coming to the after school bootcamp.  It begins January 15 for 12 days.


III. New Business

·     Camera for Yearbook – Jose Santos appealed for a camera for yearbook alone.  Over vacation, a camera was borrowed from Mr. Holt for the food drive and soccer tournament.  It was proposed that the appeal be written in the school plan as well as check with Mr. Daniels re: cameras he has and can they be used (are they his personal cameras?).  We need to also find out how much a camera costs – the quality of camera that Mr. Holt has.

IV. Budget

·     Mr. Johnson brought a copy of the SPSA for approval.

Most of our goals are based on department, CAHSEE, and classroom data and expenditures were based on that data.  The SPSA is a 100 page working document.  Mrs. Blackler found an inconsistency regarding CST data showing up in the English section of the SPSA – a discussion ensued.  Mr. Schlarmann moved that the document be approved with the understanding that all CST references will be removed.  The motion passed with a majority in favor and one “no”vote.


V.  Unfinished Business

·     Football at lunch – there was no PLT meeting so this decision will be tabled for its next meeting

·     Terry is giving out lunch application forms to students.  Teachers asked for the list to be able to encourage students to apply. 

·     Mr. Duran is full-time now.


VI. Reports

·     The school safety plan was brought to SSC for approval by Mr. Johnson.  It is a detailed look at all the policies from the board to Santana in the realm of safety.  It was approved unanimously.

·     CELDT data – 80 students tested but the results are not back yet.

·     AYP – The October and November CAHSEE scores went up in ELA and math from last year’s scores.

·     ELL’s – A trainer is coming in to help the teachers who have been trained and instructional aides have been trained to help EL’s in class.

·     SPED – 5 or 6 students are showing a need for help in ELA.  Ms. Elcherif will be meeting with those teachers to dialogue how to reach those students.

·     The next CAHSEE is February 4 – 5, and the next Checkpoint is due January 17.


VII. Meeting adjourned at 7:54 a.m.