School Site Council Information » November 12, 2013

November 12, 2013

Santana High School
School Site Council Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, November 12, 2013
7:15 a.m.
Room 23

Agenda Items Person Responsible
1.0 Opening/Roll Call SSC Chairperson

2.0 Minutes SSC Secretary

3.0 Open Forum SSC Chairperson
Items must pertain to SSC. 2 minute time limit according to SSC bylaws

4.0 Review Available Resources Principal
• School Allocations as given in the Consolidated Application
• Resources provided by the district
• Community Resources

5.0 Unfinished Business
• Counselor (revisit)
• Budget at SSC meetings
• Books in classrooms
• Hats for cold weather

6.0 Review Centralized Resources Principal/Chairperson
• Instructional (by district staff, from funds allocated to the school)
• Support activities (by district staff, from funds allocated to the school)

7.0 Reports Principal
• Back to School Night
• Checkpoint data
• GATE Program
• Teacher Training
• Budget

8.0 Announcements SSC Chairperson
• Next CAHSEE Jan. February 4th and 5th
• Next Checkpoint Jan. 17

9.0 Adjournment SSC Chairperson

School Site Council

Santana High School

November 12, 2013


l. Meeting called to order at 7:33 a.m.

·     Quorum met

·     Minutes reviewed and approved at 7:35 a.m.

ll. Open Forum

·     No concerns or questions were brought forward for discussion

lll. Review Available Resources

·     School Allocations – SSC can vote on all items in categorical funds

·     EIA – Economic Impact Aid for ELL students = $43,000

·     Classroom Supplies = $17,000

·     Instructional Aides = $44,000

·     Title 1 = $34,000 – Lunch applications needed so our funds can be positively impacted for next year.  Teachers will be receiving a list of students who still need to bring in their lunch applications.  Teachers are to help remind students to bring in lunch applications.

·     Photo = $2800 – This is a state allocation

·     Mr. Duran = $15,000 – Mr. Duran is projected to begin 4 day work week the first week of December.

·     Mr. Schlarmann and Mrs. Guzman will be speaking to Mr. Munoz about the suggestions LACOE made for the optimal use of aides.

·     There are funds available for field trips.

·     Mr. Munoz stated that we are not in financial trouble and D.O. wants us to use up our funds each year because that impacts our budget for the next year.

lV. Unfinished Business

·     Books in classroom – Push from teachers regarding the selection of new Common Core aligned books.  Group will be meeting district-wide to discuss how to implement new CC textbooks.  $80,000 needs to be spent.

·     A copy of the budget will be given to the teachers present at today’s SSC meeting and then will be given to teachers at their SPSA meetings. 

·     Science books in classroom – A student asked why there are not enough science books for each student to have in class and at home like the comprehensive high schools.  Mr. Munoz explained because of classes like APEX, the structure of the system means not all students have to have a book at school and at home.  Mrs. Guzman asked if the need arose, could we have books for all students in a class.  Mr. Munoz answered, “Yes”. 

·     Hats?  Martin Cruz asked if hats/beanies could be worn on campus.  Mr. Munoz said Santana’s position regarding hats/beanies is no hats/beanies allowed.

·     Football at lunch will be discussed at the next PTL meeting.

V. Reports

·     Back to School Night was a big success

·     Checkpoint data – Mr. Johnson stated Santana saw significant gains in some curricular areas and some students even outdid the comprehensive high schools. 

·     Teacher Training – Several teachers attended LACOE for SDAIE training.  Mrs. Guzman and Mr. Schlarmann attended a science conference.

·     CAHSEE will be February 4th and 5th, 2014.

Vl. Meeting adjourned at 7:57 a.m.