School Site Council Information » May 13, 2014

May 13, 2014

School Site Council Meeting

Tuesday, May 13

7:15 a.m.

Room 23



Agenda Items                                                                                          Person Responsible


1.0 Opening/Roll Call                                                                             SSC Chairperson


2.0 Minutes                                                                                             SSC Secretary


3.0 Open Forum                                                                                     SSC Chairperson

Items must pertain to SSC.

2 Minute time limit according to SSC bylaws


4.0 New Business                                                                    

-Vote for special meeting on to integrate WASC                               SSC Chairperson

recommendations into the SPSA Goal


5.0 Reports

-Submit Spring Signed Assurance Page, New Abstract                     Administration

and Budget Page to the Office of Special Projects/GATE


6.0 Unfinished Business                                                                        SSC Chairperson

-More nutritious food

-Cleaner tables

-Student of the Week where a student is highlighted / interviewed and put on the Santana website

-Install mirrors in the girls’ bathroom

-Install small trashcans in each stall of the girls’ restrooms

-More college workshops

-Vending machines with healthy snacks

- Salad bar once a week like other schools

- Pizza delivery once a week like other schools


7.0 Announcements                                                                              SSC Chairperson

-CAHSEE Testing May 13-14


8.0 Adjournment